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What is the difference between a wood screw and a self tapping screw?

Oct. 18. 2019

1. differences in definition:

A wood screw is similar to a machine screw, but the thread on the screw rod is a special thread for a wood screw, which can be directly screwed into a wood member (or part) for fastening a metal (or non-metal) part with a through hole to a wood member. This connection is also a detachable connection.

Wood Screws

Wood Screws

Common types of wood screws are iron and copper, different types of nail head can be divided into round head, flat head and oval head, the head of the nail is divided into two kinds of slotted screw and cross slotted screw. Generally, round head screws are made of mild steel with blue color, flat head screws are polished, oval head screws are usually cadmium-chrome plated, often used to install hinges, hooks and other hardware accessories. Specifications are determined by rod diameter, length and nail head type. The most common is carbon steel wood screw.

The wood screw has cross groove countersunk head, cross groove semi-countersunk head, cross groove round head, slotting (one word slotting) countersunk head, slotted half countersunk head, slotted round head, hexagonal head, etc. Nominal diameter is 1.6, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 series, length is 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30 series (not listed, these are more commonly used).

The advantage of wood screw lies in consolidation ability is stronger, and take off and replace, do not hurt and wood face, use on more convenient.

Tapping screws are generally fingertip, coarse teeth, texture of hard wood screws, also used for aluminum alloy, plastic. A special type of self-tapping screw used to thread metal holes is called thread tapping.

2. Product differences:

Self tapping screw hardness is high, thread spacing wide, deep thread, the surface is not smooth, wood screw is the opposite. The other difference is even more obvious, the wood screws have no thread at the back. Wood screws threaded fine, blunt and soft. Self tapping screw threads are thick, sharp and hard.

3. Different uses:

A wood screw is a nail designed specifically for wood. When it enters the wood, it is firmly embedded in it. If the wood had not rotted, it would not have been possible to pull it out. Also one thing to pay attention to, wood screw must be used to screw in, do not use a hammer to knock in, will damage the surrounding wood. Installation of wood screw tools screwdriver for its loading and unloading tools, the shape of the wood screw head groove shape and have a word and cross two; In addition, there is a special screwdriver mounted on the bow drill, which is suitable for loading and unloading larger wood screw.

Self-tapping screw for non-metallic or softer metal, do not have to play a low hole and tapping; Tapping screw is pointed, so that the "tapping".

Ordinary screws are flat head, uniform thickness. It can be on the material that is consolidated, rely on its own screw thread, will be consolidated body "attack, drill, squeeze, press" give corresponding screw thread, make it cooperate closely with each other.

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