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How to tell a high-strength nut from a plain nut?

Sep. 10. 2019

How to tell a high-strength nut from a plain nut? Shared by custom Carbon Steel Fasteners supplier.

Many users can't tell the difference between a high-strength nut and a regular nut, but it's easy to tell by knowing their specifications and other features. The so-called high strength nut is the special bolt with high strength and high fatigue resistance used in special equipment or engineering. Of course, the general high strength nut is used with high strength bolts to achieve better results.

We generally see in the market that a lot of bolts with M head are ordinary nuts, not high-strength nuts. The calibration side of hexagon nut is the following format M30, where M30 indicates the thread specification, that is, the thread inner diameter is 30mm.

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Hex Nut

Other types of Carbon Steel Fasteners - bolts have their own way of expressing themselves, but the performance level of bolts starting with "M" is generally required for threaded bolts:

Nuts are graded from small to large in grades 3, 4, 4, 5, 5.8, 6, 8, 10, 12. This method of marking means that the tensile strength of the bolt shall be 1/100 of the tensile strength of the bolt with 10 as an example, which means that the tensile strength of the bolt with this grade shall be up to 1000MPa, and may actually be higher than 1000MPa.

GB/T3098.1 specifies that the smaller tensile strength of this class of bolts must be greater than 1040MPa. Yield strength =1000*0.9=900MPa, the yield strength of the bolt must be higher than 900MPa to qualify.

Normally we will 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 the three grades of nuts known as high-strength nuts.

Note that on the three levels of GB/T3098.1 bolt did not yield strength of the concrete numerical, this is because for high strength bolts are 0.8, 0.9, the level of smaller showed, because of the high strength bolts are used in a very important link, there is no spot on the market sell, must to bolt manufacturers, so specific QuQiang than is generally put forward by the buyer to produce specific value.