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Why do standard parts need hot dip galvanizing?

Aug. 21. 2019

Why do standard parts need hot dip galvanizing? Following the Fastener Manufacturer China would like to share with us.

In fact, this is related to the life of the parts, parts of rust, corrosion is a serious problem in the parts, so can make the machine extend the life of the method is to make the machine parts more corrosion prevention. Hot dip galvanizing process can extend the life of standard hot dip galvanizing parts, so it is widely welcomed.

The appearance of hot-dip galvanized standard parts is more beautiful than the original standard parts. Hot-dip galvanized is like a cosmetic product for standard parts, which can make the simple standard parts more beautiful. On the basis of not affecting the function of standard parts, we began to study how to make standard parts more beautiful. This hot dip galvanizing process is a new industry after the production of standard parts.

High Quality Anchor Bolt

High Quality Anchor Bolt

The reason why Custom Anchor Bolt is hot dip galvanized is popular is not only because of the appearance of the beautiful, but because the standard parts after hot dip galvanized more practical, so that the original standard parts have the role of corrosion prevention. Hot dip galvanized standard parts can make the standard parts use longer, because the zinc hot plating on the surface of the standard parts, so as to play a role in the isolation of air, so that the standard parts will directly affect the degree of corrosion, so as to change the standard parts of the service time, that is, the life of the standard parts.

What is a anchor bolt?

When a mechanical member is installed on a concrete foundation, the J - and l-shaped ends of such bolts are embedded in the concrete for use.

Anchor bolts such as high quality Anchor Bolt, generally use Q235 steel, that is, round light. Rebar (Q345) has high strength, so it is not as easy to make screw nut as light circle. For the light round anchor bolt, the buried depth is generally 25 times its diameter, and then make a 120mm long 90 degrees hook. If the bolt diameter is very large (such as 45mm) buried too deep, can be in the bolt end welding square plate, that is, a big head can be done (but also have requirements). Buried depth and hook are to ensure the friction between the bolt and the foundation, not to make the bolt pull out failure.