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Classification Of Carbon Steel Fasteners

Nov. 15. 2019

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According to the regulations of the people's Republic of China on anti-dumping, the Tariff Commission of the State Council decided to impose anti-dumping duties on imported carbon steel fasteners originating from the European Union for a period of 5 years from June 29, 2010. The scope of goods subject to anti-dumping duty includes "wood screws, self tapping screws, screws and bolts (with a diameter of more than 6 mm) and washers, as well as those not used for maintenance and repair of civil aircraft", which shall be declared according to the tax numbers 7318120001, 7318140001, 7318150001, 7318210001 and 7318220001 respectively. For other carbon steel fasteners, fill in 7318120090, 7318140090, 7318150090, 7318210090 and 7318220090 respectively.

Carbon Steel Fasteners

As the Announcement No. 38 of 2010 of the General Administration of Customs did not further explain the material of carbon steel fasteners, many enterprises have contradictions between declaration tax number and declaration elements, or between declaration elements and declaration elements. For example, the declared product name is stainless steel washer, the specification column is filled with carbon steel, or the declared noncarbon steel screw is classified as 7318150001, etc.

In fact, according to the general understanding of carbon steel, carbon steel is a kind of steel relative to alloy steel, mainly refers to the steel whose carbon content is less than 2.11% (the carbon content in the steel defined by the coordination system is less than 2%) and does not contain the alloy elements added intentionally, also known as ordinary carbon steel or carbon steel. It can be seen that as a kind of alloy steel products, the stainless steel washers in the above examples can not be classified as carbon steel fasteners, but should be classified as noncarbon steel fasteners under tax No. 7318220090.

In addition, according to the requirements of the standard declaration, the commodities under the tax numbers of 73181200, 73181400, 73181500, 73182100 and 73182200 need to be clear about whether they are made of carbon steel when they are declared. However, in practice, some enterprises have insufficient understanding or deviation of the concept of carbon steel, which leads to a more casual declaration. However, according to the above general explanation of carbon steel, carbon steel is a kind of steel relative to alloy steel, so the so-called noncarbon steel is alloy steel, otherwise, if it is not alloy steel, it must be carbon steel. In this regard, the author suggests that if the relevant enterprises declare their products as noncarbon steel fasteners, it is better to further confirm what alloy steel their materials are, and prepare relevant certificates in advance for the verification of the customs and other relevant departments. 

Of course, this article is only on the basis of the general understanding of carbon steel. If the Ministry of Commerce or the General Administration of Customs makes special provisions on the concept of carbon steel in the announcement, the provisions shall prevail.