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  • High Quality Chemical Anchor
  • High Quality Chemical Anchor
  • High Quality Chemical Anchor
  • High Quality Chemical Anchor
  • High Quality Chemical Anchor

High Quality Chemical Anchor

Product advantage

Strong anchoring force, similar to embedded

No expansion stress, small margin spacingQuick installation,

quick solidification, save construction time

Glass tube packaging is convenient for visual inspection of the quality of tube agent

Glass tube after crushing as fine aggregate, bonding fully


Application field

It is suitable for fixing heavy loads on near - edge and narrow components (columns, balconies, etc.)Can be used in concrete (=>C25 concrete)Anchorage in natural pressure resistant stone (not tested)Apply to the following anchorage: reinforced solid, metal components, towing bracket, the machine of base plate, a guardrail, template fixed, fixed, the fixed signs of sound barriers foundation, sleepers, fixed, slab edge protector, heavy support beam, roof decoration component, Windows, retainer, heavy lifts, floor support, fixed and wear of the transmission system, the sleeper is fixed, the fixed bracket and shelf system, anti-collision facilities, car towing bracket, pillar, chimney, heavy billboard, heavy sound barriers, the heavy door fixed, fixed, the fixed tower crane of complete sets of equipment, pipe fixed installation, heavy towing bracket, guide rail fixed connection, nail plate, heavy spacePartition device, shelf, awning fixed.

Method of use

1. According to the requirements of engineering design, the hole diameter, hole depth and bolt diameter should be determined by professional technical personnel or field test in the corresponding position of drilling in the base material (such as concrete).

2. Drill with a percussion or hydraulic drill.

3. Use a special air cylinder, brush or compressed air machine to clean the dust in the drilling hole. It is recommended to repeat at least 3 times.

4. Ensure the bolt surface is clean, dry and oil-free.

5. Confirm that the glass pipe anchoring package has no appearance damage, chemical solidification and other abnormal phenomena, and put the round head inward into the anchoring hole and push it to the bottom of the hole.

6. Use the electric drill and special installation fixture to insert the screw rod to the bottom of the hole with strong rotation. The impact mode should not be adopted.

7. When rotating to the bottom of the hole or the marked position on the bolt, stop rotating immediately, remove the installation fixture, and avoid disturbance after gelation until complete curing.Time - out rotation leads to loss of glue and affects anchoring force.(rotation time should not exceed 30 seconds, rotation speed should not be less than 300 RPM, no more than 750 RPM, bolt propulsion speed is about 2cm/ SEC, impact mode is not allowed.)







Chemical Ancho005

Chemical Ancho005

Chemical Ancho005

Chemical Ancho005

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